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A web page about the life of a lady who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Location: Piedmont, Oklahoma, United States

I live in Piedmont, OK, with my Husband of 50 years who has been very supportive. We have 2 sons,David and Kenny, 6 grandkids, and 6 great grandkids. I enjoy feeding and watching the birds and squirrels. Before I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I ran a Licensed Day Care Home for Infants for 15 years. I noticed I wasn't able to remember important things and having problems with my speech. I was experiencing severe headaches. I would get lost. I didn't know how to use the computer. At the age of 55, I told my doctor. I was sent for an MRI. which showed a large amount of shrinkage. I went to a neurologist who sent me for two days of testing. I was diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer's type. My husband and I were both in shock. I had to give up my job. I went to see a social worker. I've taken Aricept for 11 years. I can now use the computer and even do this web page. I also host a chat room for dementia patients. This is a very lonely disease. I don't want anyone to feel as lonely as I did when I was diagnosed (I thought I was the only one over 50 that had Alzheimer's). In 2006 I started taking Namenda. Also I was told I have a mixed dementia, Alzheimer's/Vascular.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Jean!!! Jean is our friend in Oklahoma City… I woke up at five this morning and was wide-awake could not get back to sleep. I have a feeling I will be in bed early tonight… While we were at the fair at the Senior Center they were giving mini memory test it was a thirty questionnaire thingy to see if you had dementia. Dave and I took it. I got 30 out of 30 and Dave got 29 out of 30. I have tried to share my Aricept and Namenda with him, but he declines… I did laundry and got it all folded and put away, I picked Okra and cut it up and put it in the freezer, I fixed supper, and went to visit with the neighbors and gave Marlee a ride on my scooter and she loved it. Shiloh went with me but one of the neighbors golden retrievers’s chased her back home. Poor baby ran as fast as she could… David, Norita, and Lori called… Goodnight All… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma


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