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A web page about the life of a lady who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Location: Piedmont, Oklahoma, United States

I live in Piedmont, OK, with my Husband of 50 years who has been very supportive. We have 2 sons,David and Kenny, 6 grandkids, and 6 great grandkids. I enjoy feeding and watching the birds and squirrels. Before I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I ran a Licensed Day Care Home for Infants for 15 years. I noticed I wasn't able to remember important things and having problems with my speech. I was experiencing severe headaches. I would get lost. I didn't know how to use the computer. At the age of 55, I told my doctor. I was sent for an MRI. which showed a large amount of shrinkage. I went to a neurologist who sent me for two days of testing. I was diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer's type. My husband and I were both in shock. I had to give up my job. I went to see a social worker. I've taken Aricept for 11 years. I can now use the computer and even do this web page. I also host a chat room for dementia patients. This is a very lonely disease. I don't want anyone to feel as lonely as I did when I was diagnosed (I thought I was the only one over 50 that had Alzheimer's). In 2006 I started taking Namenda. Also I was told I have a mixed dementia, Alzheimer's/Vascular.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Today has been a very long hard day… Dave woke me up at 8:00 so I could go with him to see the Urologist. We got there and the doctor showed us the Xrays that were taken yesterday when they did the IVP. The doctor showed us a spot that he thought was a tumor on his left kidney… The doctor said he was almost sure it was cancer but has scheduled Dave for tests a week from Friday. This will be done as on outpatient basis. While they are there they will get a biopsy and send it off to be tested… I started crying while the doctor gave us this info. I thought to myself how could he be so frank. The doctor said if it was cancer that it was a very rare one and very mean and they would remove the kidney and part of the bladder to be sure of getting it all… It is a good thing Dave paid attention when he saw pink urine a couple weeks ago. Even though it only lasted for a day. It was good he didn’t ignore it. I would not have let him… When we left the doctor’s office we went to Martha and Alfred’s. I had a birthday gift I needed to give Martha and besides I really needed one of her hugs. While we were there we had lunch with her and I got to hold one of the new puppies… Then we went to the Mall. It was my monthly visit to the mall. Then we went to look at computers at Best Buy. Dave ended up buying a nice desktop. This will be his Father’s Day gift… Goodnight All… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma


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