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A web page about the life of a lady who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Location: Piedmont, Oklahoma, United States

I live in Piedmont, OK, with my Husband of 50 years who has been very supportive. We have 2 sons,David and Kenny, 6 grandkids, and 6 great grandkids. I enjoy feeding and watching the birds and squirrels. Before I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I ran a Licensed Day Care Home for Infants for 15 years. I noticed I wasn't able to remember important things and having problems with my speech. I was experiencing severe headaches. I would get lost. I didn't know how to use the computer. At the age of 55, I told my doctor. I was sent for an MRI. which showed a large amount of shrinkage. I went to a neurologist who sent me for two days of testing. I was diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer's type. My husband and I were both in shock. I had to give up my job. I went to see a social worker. I've taken Aricept for 11 years. I can now use the computer and even do this web page. I also host a chat room for dementia patients. This is a very lonely disease. I don't want anyone to feel as lonely as I did when I was diagnosed (I thought I was the only one over 50 that had Alzheimer's). In 2006 I started taking Namenda. Also I was told I have a mixed dementia, Alzheimer's/Vascular.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I am sure we hit 100 degrees today or at least 99.9... This morning Cindy, our dog the Bichon, was having a fit barking and barking. When Dave went out to see what she was barking at he saw it was a large turtle. He showed it to me and we decided we would name it DASSY like our turtle logo on DASNI I am hoping the turtle hangs around here. We have seen all kinds of things out here since we moved to the country like Deer, Turkeys, Skunks, and now Turtles. I hear the Coyotes and Owls but have never seen one … I paid bills and washed our comforter and hung it out on the clothesline to dry… One of our neighbors Todd and Sondra came down and brought our dogs some cookies. They are doggy cookies but they look like the real thing. The dogs love them and I hope I don’t forget they are doggy cookies and end up eating them… Dave got a new airplane in the mail today so he is a happy camper… Goodnight All… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma


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